Sunao Yoshikawa

Sunao Yoshikawa: Born 8 January in Tokyo, Type A, 153 cm

Spent her childhood playing self-taught piano and ear-copying game music, and in high school joined the brass band club.
Mainly sang and acted as an MC. After studying theatre while still in school, she performed on stage and planned and directed performances and music,
After studying theatre while still at school, she began performing on stage, planning performances, directing music, etc.

In 2007, she participated in the launch of Live&Bar; Akihabara Dear Stage, from naming it to designing its uniforms,
While being involved in a wide range of activities from naming, designing uniforms to planning live events, she also performed as the vocal unit Piyorabi, which was born out of the bar.
First single “Campbell of Light” reached No.1 on the Oricon Indies Weekly Chart.
The group’s diverse talents were demonstrated with their first single ‘Campbell of Light’, which reached No. 15 on the Oricon Indies Weekly Chart.

They have since participated in numerous compilation albums and performed at the anime convention Anime Friends in Brazil, which was attended by 120,000 people.
She has also performed at live shows both at home and abroad, such as Anime Friends, an anime convention in Brazil attended by 120,000 people, and the Singapore Flyer’s 3rd anniversary event,
She has also performed live at home and abroad, such as at the anime convention “Anime Friends” in Brazil, which attracted 120,000 visitors, and at the 3rd anniversary of the Singapore Flyer! Anime Sensei” with the anime song singer ELISA, as well as being the host of the internet programme “ELISA’s Teach!
Inc. and Nemu Yumemi, she has been broadcasting the weekly radio show “Tanupiyo Radio” live on Ustream since 2010.
Inc Yumemi Nemu, and continues to broadcast with her light-hearted talk.

He is also a vocalist in the sound unit ‘LAZY GUNG’ with Eiichiro Yanagi and Toy Yoneyama,
He has sung theme songs and inserted them into PC games such as PSP “AKIBA’S TRIP”, Xbox360 “Labyrinth Crossblood Reloaded” and others.
He has also provided theme songs and insert songs for PC games, and has been actively releasing his own songs and performing live as a band.

She has also been bought by composer kors k, who is known for his passionate singing voice in the KONAMI BEMANI series, and has been featured in a number of songs.
The songs he has featured in have been included in various music game machines of KONAMI BEMANI,
She has been receiving a lot of attention from many creators.

Since October 2012, she has sung the theme songs and insertions for the Sunrise/Bandai arcade games and the TV animation ‘Aikatsu!
OP/ED theme song and insert song, and was selected as a member of STAR☆ANIS,
She was selected as the first Vo. of the characters ‘SHIBURI Ran’ and ‘KAZAWAZAWA Sora’.

She switched to freelance work in November 2013 and is currently working softly.
Also active as a BL advisor.





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